Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Come to the Market

Have you seen the new face of the Ponnivala Market? All of our available digital and print editions gathered together in one convenient location, just in time for Christmas or Pongal.

Visit to check out what's going on with the latest releases from Ponnivala publishing.

We're also very excited to announce the release of our complete editions. The entire Ponnivala comic series is now available in two stunning volumes! Volume One contains books 1-13, and Volume Two contains books 14-26. These are a must have collector's item for fans of Indian comics, and for students of Indian heritage and culture.

All of the items are currently our English editions, as we're currently compiling and editing the Tamil editions as we speak. We're hoping to have these availble, certainly in e-book formats, in time for gift-giving for Pongal (remember, these will be available worldwide for instant download, so there's no shipping charge or delivery time to worry about). Stay tuned!

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