Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ponnar and Shankar Part III: Youth

  • The two brothers settle into the family palace quickly and are eager to explore their surroundings. They soon ask their mother about the family fields and what animals there are to go and see. Tamarai responds that there is a special young boy who was born to become their companion and guide. His name is Shambuga and their first task is to go and meet him.

  • The twins rush out to the nearby settlement where Shambuga lives with his mother and identify his house. They knock on the door.

  • Shambuga steps out and offers to help in any way he can. He is strong and knowledgeable. What would his two new masters like to do first, he asks?

  • Ponnar and Shankar want to meet the cows. So Shambuga takes them to the cow pen where the young calves are gambling about.

  • Shankar climbs the fence to pet one of the young animals. They are friendly and come over readily to greet him and enjoy his attention. As usual, Ponnar who is the shy and reserved twin, simply watches his brother with wide eyes and admiration.

  • Next Shankar speaks up and asks to see the family’s horses. Shambuga is ready to help find them. He knows that there are two colts around somewhere. But they run, prance and jump about about in a very large pasture.

  • Finally the three boys spot the young horses They are busy running around in a large field, seeming to playfully chase each other.

  • As soon as the three youths approach the two colts casually jump a fence.

  • Shambuga can run like the wind, leaping fences at will.

  • The twin princes try their best to imitate him. They are impressed with his seemingly magical level of skill.

  • Eventually Shambuga catches up to the young horses and starts to coral them.

  • His skill and confidence cause the horses to obey him and stand still.

  • Ponnar and Shankar now stand side-by-side with their new friends. They, too, try to calm the colts with soothing words.

  • Meanwhile Shambuga catches some local vipers.  

  • From their skins he quickly makes halters for these frisky animals. He wants to make sure that his masters have a way of controlling the steeds on their first ride!

  • The young place brothers watch his skill in handling these dangerous snakes with wide eyes. They are amazed.

  • Some of the vipers’ great power will soon transfer to the horses themselves. The two colts’ special blue-black color is evidence of their inner magic and supernatural, strength.  

  • Ponnar and Shankar are natural riders. They jump on the colts bare backs and start a wild ride. Shambuga runs along behind them.

  • Tired after a long morning of adventure the three return to the palace where their mother awaits them. The boys hand the colts to Shambuga. He is responsible for their care and skillfully leads them back to their coral. Life in Ponnivala is full of adventures for these two princes. But for their sister life is far less exciting. She remains in the palace, first in her cradle, and then in her swing… day after day! Her movements are gentle, soft and safe while her brothers’ lives are full of danger and physical action. After all, as young princes they must be ready to meet the challenges that frequently face king. These two boys are rulers-in-waiting.    

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