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This final blog of the first series (which has discussed episode one of the larger story only) actually draws on material more appropriately discussed in episode two. But because it has been added, in the video animation, as a “teaser” to what lies ahead, it deserves some commentary here as well. In this clip we see the prediction in my last blog play out. This very short animated “epilogue” depicts the divine birth of Kolatta’s only son.

The clip starts with Siva now in a much more sympathetic and generous mood. He has seen that Kolatta’s wife Ariyanacci is both desperate and sad. No matter how hard she and her husband have tried, there has been no pregnancy and no child has been born who bring the two of them joy. Furthermore, there has been no child fill their lovely and palatial home with jumps, smiles and cries. Lord Siva takes pity on this sorrowful woman and decides to create a child. This will be his gift it to the lonely couple. But Lord Siva want to make this gift a secret, and a challenge. This time Kolatta will have to work for his reward and not just order in the artisans to build a high fence to protect his upcoming harvest! Siva also wants this to appear to be an accidental, magical, event. So he sends a life-bearing beam to earth and from it a beautiful surreal child is created under a large pile of stones. That stone pile lies in one of Kolatta’s back fields, a place he uses only to pasture a few cows. Found under a humble pile of stones, that seemingly-orphaned babe will eventually grow up to become a great and just king. In my second blog series I propose to focus on how Kolatta finds this child and the interesting challenges and adventures the family undergoes during his formative years. We could call this theme “The childhood of Ponnivala’s first real king.” 

Post your comments on this blog page and let me know if you would like to see my series continue. Your (constructive) input will be welcomed! I will not continue unless I hear from a substantial number of you that this detailed commentary (which takes a fair bit of work to prepare) is of real interest to my readers....

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