Saturday, September 06, 2014

Princess Tangal Part V: The Forest Parrot Raid

  • Tangal begins to worry more and more. What is there to look forward to? She will never see her sisters-in-law and now she will never see her parents again either. There are only a few maids around and they are not much fun. They are always working, always busy. What is her life going to be like now?   

  • It was predictable! Soon after Tangal’s parents die her brothers take off on their first big and super aggressive adventure. They attack the very clansmen who drove their own parents into exile just sixteen years earlier. In a vengeful and violent raid on these clansmen’s village, they force these families to flee and thus turn them into refugees.   

  • But Tangal’s two siblings never tell her openly what they have just done. Instead they simply return to the palace and ask their sister to serve them some water! Tangal is suspicious but she keeps her mouth shut. Where have her brothers been? Her two brothers then disappear into their favorite gaming room and start playing dice once more!   

  • Meanwhile, the clansmen, angry at how they have been treated, enlist the backing of the Chola king. He tries his best to “tame” these two Ponnivala outlaws but ends up being killed by them. Ponnar and Shankar’s anger also leaves his palace in ruins. They have now freed their lovely lands from this overlord and won their independence.   

  • But this seeming success only brings new dangers. The forest hunters who live nearby also experience a new freedom.   

  • Tangal, ever so lonely now, dreams of a parrot companion. She asks her brothers to capture a parrot couple for her in the forest.   

  • She wants these two lovely birds to become her pets!   

  • But then she has misgivings. Those forested mountains are Vettuva hunter territory. Entering this area could be dangerous.   

  • Tangal now sees in a second dream that the hunter’s sister has set up tigers and cobras along the path leading to the great tree where the parrots live.   

  • Suddenly Tangal realizes that she does not want her brothers to go on such a hunt… after all!

  • But it is too late. The two brothers have just organized their grand hunt and will not change their plans.

  • Ponnar and Shankar plead with Tangal to bless their fighting weapons before the big hunt. Reluctantly, Tangal agrees to do them this favor.   

  • Catching her brothers’ two swords in midair she transfers her magical power to these powerful tools of destruction.   

  • She did not dare to confront her brothers and say “no.” But inside she is fearful of what the consequences will be! Her little dog tries to console her.

  • After many adventures the brothers return, but with only one parrot for their sister.   

  • This lovely captured female tries to conceal her sadness. But how can she succeed? She has been caged, brought to the palace and torn from her loving husband.   

  • Besides, the forest hunters are very upset. They soon discover this theft of their most beautiful female bird has been stolen by their worst rivals, those two aggressive and intrusive Ponnivala brothers!

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