Thursday, July 03, 2014

Komban - Pt. III: Ponnivala’s Fields Attacked

  • Komban’s first instinct is to attack and destroy the farmers’ main livelihood. He goes to their finest sugarcane field secretly, at night, and starts to root around in the damp earth.

  • As the full moon begins to set , Komban starts to dance, throwing all of the field’s fine sweet stalks into the air!

  • On another night Komban goes to the farmers main irrigation tank. Now he tears out the strong dam along one side that holds all its water back.

  • Ponnivala’s beautiful fields become little more than a swampy mess. All the farmers’ hard work is destroyed.

  • Lastly, Komban goes to the farmers’ lovely flower garden. There he tears up all the delicate plants these men depend on for their daily worship at the family temple.

  • Then Komban spots the family gardener hiding in the branches of the one remaining palm tree in this flower garden. His anger intensifies.

  • With one mighty blow Komban strikes the tree and breaks it in two. The poor gardener goes flying through the air!

  • When the gardener lands he is very frightened. He hardly understands what has happened.

  • Komban then orders the gardener to turn around so that he can write on his back with one tusk. He wants to send a challenge to the two farmer kings!

  • The message is written in the farmers’ own language: Tamil. His letter challenges the two kings to war. It is signed “King Komban.”

  • The farmers take up Komban’s challenge and organize a great boar hunt. But because they fall sick after reaching their forest tent... they send their First Minister on the initial mission. He must find the great monster’s hideout!

  • Shambuga takes all of the farmers’ fighting men with him. He has no trouble finding the great boar, who is asleep as usual.

  • The fighting men send half their dogs to do the advance work. They order these dogs to attack the boar’s right side first.

  • The dogs enter the cave and start pulling on the boar’s thick hairs.

  • But the boar is not asleep after all. It is pretending! With one big roll the monster crushes all the dogs that have entered his cave!

  • After losing all the hunters’ dogs, Shambuga becomes very depressed. He has been defeated and embarrassed by Komban in front of all of Ponnivala’s loyal fighters!
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