Friday, July 04, 2014

Komban - Pt. IV: The End Game

  • The Ponnivala fighters have just lost all their dogs to Komban’s trickery. Afraid for their own lives they start to run from him.

  • But Komban is in hot pursuit. He knows the forest far better than these frightened men, all sons of farmers. He plans to trap them.

  • Soon Komban has all the fighters cornered in a cul-de-sac. They have nowhere to go!

  • Komban tosses many poor men high in the air with his tusks.

  • He keeps on terrorizing them until there is nothing left but a big mess of injured men lying on the ground.

  • However, King Komban does not win his battle with the farmers so easily! The heroes’ little sister has a tiny female dog, her pet. That little dog was born to defeat Komban. He doesn't know this and makes the mistake of trying to bully her!

  • The little dog, named Ponnachi, chews off Komban’s ears. Then she grabs a hold of his tail as he tries to run, biting him using the poison in her teeth!

  • Ponnachi has preplanned this and has asked the two heroes to stand on a high cliff, ready with their great boar spear. She jumps off Komban’s tail and calls to them at the last moment!

  • The great beast rears and cries out with his final breath to his forest princess: “Oh Viratangal The Brave! Help me!”

  • The princess Viratangal hears Komban’s cry. She quickly gathers her brothers to plan a revenge for this deadly attack on her dear pet. Lord Vishnu is there to assure these hunters that they have help.

  • Meanwhile the elder hero assigns their First Minister the task of skinning and cutting up Komban’s body. It will become a great offering to the gods.

  • But no sooner is the meat cut up and laid out on seven plates than Lord Vishnu himself comes along, looking like a washerman. He asks for the head of the great demon for his “pregnant wife.”

  • Vishnu gets agreement and prepares to take his sacrificial share - the head of the great beast - away.

  • Lord Vishnu, still in disguise, drags the head away.

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