Monday, July 28, 2014

Tamarai – Part I: A Beautiful Birth

  • Once, long ago, a beautiful woman spent her time praying near a lotus pond. She was hoping that the gods would grant her a child.

  • She was very determined. She prayed like this for months on end.

  • Shiva and Parvati looked down and saw the woman who was praying so hard!

  • These two gods decided to take the form of deer and then played together.

  • At the end of their play a magical drop of liquid fell onto a lotus bud that was growing in the pond below, near the praying woman.

  • It landed on this lotus flower with perfect accuracy.

  • Soon the flower opened and a beautiful baby could be seen lying inside.

  • The praying woman now opens her eyes. Upon seeing such a beautiful child she stretches out her arms and lifts it up!

  • After so many years of praying, the woman could not believe her good fortune!

  • The lovely girl that was found in the lotus is named Tamarai, the name of the flower her mother found her lying on.

  • Tamarai loves her swing which hangs in the family garden. She sits on it every day!

  • She spends every afternoon here, enjoying the open air and swing’s gentle movement.

  • Tamarai also loves birds, especially the doves that hang around her garden.

  • She feeds these birds every day, and listens to their soft cooing sounds.

  • And so, like this, Tamarai grows to become a beautiful young girl indeed!!

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