Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Princess Tangal Part X: The Forest Journey

  • Tangal now begins her journey through the forest. Her hair hangs loose, symbolizing her emotional state. She is full of sorrow and distress.

  • Tangal is crying. Her head is aching from the emptiness she feels.

  • Thirsty, Tangal soon kneels by a rock that has a small depression in it. She hopes to drink a little to soothe herself.

  • But suddenly Tangal is startled. She hears a voice talking to her.

  • Soon a huge cobra, king of the underworld, appears before her.

  • This creature tells Tangal how his mother once prayed for his birth, after receiving magical water from her own mother Tamarai long ago. His job, destined from birth, would be to help protect Tangal during her long and dangerous journey through the forest.

  • Tangal thanks the King of the cobras and encourages him to take a drink too.

  • Then the two set off together through the deep woods.

  • The cobra’s wide hood helps protect Tangal’s tender body from the sun.

  • It also helps protect her from the rain.

  • Finally the cobra, who has given Tangal directions, pauses to point out that they have reached the meditation pillar belonging to a powerful Sun Maiden named Arukkandi.  

  • The cobra asks the Sun Maiden to climb down for an hour or two in order to let Tangal sit on this very special pillar in her place. Arukkandi is a kind soul and is happy to oblige.

  • Once atop the lippar Tangal begins to pray and Lord Vishnu soon appears before her.

  • Tangal asks for a magic wand and Lord Vishnu sees that this is soon delivered to her.

  • Nest the Sun Maiden tells Tangal that she is ready to give her seven magical substances. But first she must find seven fresh newly made earthen pots to put these in.

  • Tangal walks some more and finally finds a potter who has many of his wares lying out in front of his house to dry in the sun. Tangal asks him to give her seven pots, but the potter refuses in anger. How can he give away his pots without being paid for them?

  • So Tangal has to show him her power.   

  • She causes clouds to gather in the sky and soon there is a huge deluge. All the potter’s work is destroyed! The potter is humbled and begs Tangal to restore his work. He promises to give her the seven pots she has asked for.   

  • Tangal then uses her wand to bring bank the sun and recreate all of his work, before his very eyes!

  • The potter is amazed and quickly hands Tangal the lovely set of tiered pots she has asked for.

  • Tangal returns to the Sun maiden with her pots. Arukkandi welcomes her and instructs Tangal to set the seven vessels in a neat row on the ground.

  • Then the Sun Maiden calls on her own inner powers.

  • Taking great care, Arukandi fills each pot with a different substance. Some are seeds or gains.

  • While some of the other substances flow like liquids. Every drop goes directly into to the pot intended for it. Nothing is wasted.  

  • Then Arukandi calls her special golden goose to her side. She asks it to fly Tangal to the place where her brothers’ bodies lie.

  • Tangal sits on the goose’s back, carefully clutching her seven pots and their special contents. She holds on to these very special gifts ever so tightly!

  • Finally Tangal is off on her amazing voyage. The goose rises into the sky with its special passenger balanced carefully, right behind its neck.

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