Monday, September 08, 2014

Princess Tangal Part VI: A Kidnapping Spree

  • Tangal’s live in the palace remains lonely. The only human companions she has are servants and they always seem busy with their work.

  • One day Tangal asks her lovely young maid to fetch water for her from the river.

  • The maid takes the palace dog Ponnachi along with her. But today Ponnachi is agitated. She seems to be trying to tell the maid something.

  • Suddenly a hunter jumps out of the bushes and grabs the young girl.

  • Ponnachi instantly jumps at the hunter’s leg.

  • She starts to bite him hard!

  • But the hunter is strong and he merely shakes his leg hard, throwing Ponnachi off. After all, she is not very big!

  • Ponnachi is scared. She runs to the palace to tell Tangal what has just happened.

  • When Tangal hears the news she orders another maid to go call her brothers.

  • The maid finds them in the palace dicing room gambling as usual.

  • Shankar comes running to Tangal first. She tells him about the kidnapped maid.

  • Realizing he can not saddle his horse fast enough, Shankar calls Shambuga and asks him to deal with this matter.

  • Shambuga valiantly finds the maid after several deceptive tricks are played on the hunters. He finds her tied to a tree.

  • Untying the poor girl, Shambuga runs back with her to the palace.

  • He sets the maid down just in time to let Tangal greet her properly.

  • Ponnar and Shankar also hear the good news of the maids return. A formal welcome for the maid’s return happens at the palace front door.

  • But the Vettuvas are still angry. This tit-for-tat confrontation between the farmers and hunters is not over yet.

  • Tangal now wonders what the future holds. She, resorts, as always, to finding signs in her dreams.

  • This time a really foreboding image appears before her mind’s eye. In a dream she sees the Vettuva ally, a great wild boar named King Komban, is destined to attack her brothers.

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