Monday, July 14, 2014

Kunnutaiya Part I: Early Life

  • Kolatta and his wife Ariyanacci have had no children for many years. They are growing old and begin to worry about the fate of Ponnivala after they die.

  • Lord Vishnu sees their distress. So he goes to visit Lord Shiva and asks him to help the couple out by granting them a child.

  • Shiva hides that baby under a large rock pile, and arranges for a cow to feed it!

  • The little child Shiva created is as beautiful as the sun itself!

  • Kunnutaiya grows strong with the help of his loving parents.

  • His father, Kolatta, involves himself daily in his son’s development.

  • Soon Kunnutaiya is taken to the family temple for a traditional naming ceremony. Lord Vishnu attends the big event in person.

  • Kunnutaiya is given many toys and enjoys plenty of small adventures.

  • The family are very happy with their son and enjoy his presence every day.  

  • Five good years pass in this way.

  • Suddenly something terrible happens. Two assistants of Lord Yeman arrive, announcing that Kolatta and Ariyanacci’s time of death has come.

  • Reluctantly, the family say their goodbyes at a nearby temple.

  • Then the couple climb the ladder that leads to the sky. Poor Kunnutaiya, now an orphan, must stay behind.

  • The Chola king comes to the palace for the funeral ceremonies. He finds Kunnutaiya at the temple.

  • The king takes Kunnutaiya to the family palace where he asks his father’s cousins to look after him well.

  • The cousins agree to the king’s request, but their answer does not sound sincere.  

  • The king has other business to attend to. There is nothing more he can do. He leaves quickly for his own kingdom.

  • Poor Kunnutaiya returns to the temple for solace. He is alone and confused.

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