Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kunnutaiya Part VIII: Becoming a Father

  • Kunnutaiya’s wife Tamarai is now nine months pregnant. The day of her delivery is fast approaching.

  • When Tamarai’s labour pains begin, Kunnutaiya rushes to call Kuppi the midwife.

  • After some time Kunnutaiya hears the cry of a baby. The midwife Kuppi confirms that a child has been born.

  • But when Kunnutaiya enters the birthing room he is shocked. There is only a baby girl. The couple both thought Lord Shiva would gift them sons.

  • Nonetheless, the kind Kunnutaiya is content and shows plenty of love towards his new daughter.

  • But the jealous clansmen soon notice the absence of sons. They arrive, beat the couple up and send them into exile.  

  • Tamarai is taunted and insulted. These rude men wish to humiliate her.

  • As a result of the clansmen’s aggression the couple are forced to leave their beloved kingdom.

  • Reaching the forest, Kunnutaiya and his wife locate the palace of the hunter king. He offers them food, but the couple refuse to eat, angering their would-be host.

  • The hunter king sends the couple away, asking them to stay, instead, in a humble hut near his horse corral.

  • There is no money. Kunnutaiya’s wife Tamarai is forced to work as a day labourer in order to support the family.

  • Tamarai’s sore hands are ample evidence of the humiliation the couple feel.

  • Finally the goddess Celatta arrives. She says she has brought them two sons.

  • Celatta and her brother Vishnu bless the Ponnivala family, which has suddenly been enlarged.

  • The couple return to their old palace home but find it is now in terrible disrepair.
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