Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tamarai - Part III: The Great Harvest

  • Tamarai and Kunnutaiya soon begin to plough and to plant seeds on the modest piece of land they have been told they can use. They hope for a good crop.

  • Kunnutaiya goes to fetch seeds from his clansmen. But when Tamarai sees them she knows they have been cooked. It is a trick. She is afraid they will never sprout.

  • Kunnutaiya looks at the crop, which is growing well. But he feels there is something odd. He can not put his finger on the problem.

  • Tamarai has a strong intuition and she quickly discovers that their maize plants have jewels inside each pod. These are not just regular grains!

  • Soon some neighbours are called to help with the harvest. But they are asked to only cut the stalks. They are not to open the cobs. The couple will do that themselves.

  • Tamarai begins the task of opening up each pod. It is hard work. She calls on Lord Vishnu for help.

  • Soon Tamarai and Kunnutaiya’s baskets are full of lovely jewels.

  • But then Tamarai hears some noise outside. She discovers that many beggars have come to their door.

  • Kunnutaiya does not want to give their new wealth away, but Tamarai is very generous. She offers something to every single beggar! By the time she is done the family baskets are empty!

  • But Lord Vishnu has been watching! He has seen that Tamarai’s heart is full of goodness. So he secretly refills each and every basket!

  • The jewels are too numerous to count! The family is wealthy once again!

  • Tamarai wants to use their new wealth to build a small palace. Kunnutaiya agrees. Lord Vishnu comes to show them the spot where the old palace once stood. They will build there!

  • The new palace has been built. The couple now thank (and pay) the many workers who have done such a good job!

  • Payment is done “in kind.” Tamarai hands the lead worker a small bag of real pearls!

  • The nearby Chola king is invited to the ceremonies that celebrate the family’s palace completion. The Chola is pleased. He shows Tamarai and her husband new respect. Indeed he gives them a fine title: “Ruling Family of Ponnivala.”

  • Tamarai and Kunnutaiya are now well-respected. They have become King and Queen of beautiful Ponnivala!
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