Friday, July 11, 2014

Shambuga, The First Minister - Pt. V: Leading The Masters’ Boar Hunt

  • A wild boar has been destroying Ponnivala’s fine crops. War has been declared against it! Shambuga has called together all the village fighters and asked them to bring their hunting dogs. He leads these men to the spot where he will set up their hunting camp.

  • Shambuga sets up Ponnivala’s hunting tent, while the other men collect firewood.

  • When the two kings arrive they give Shambuga their horses. His job is to tether them near the hunting camp.

  • Now that all is ready the men gather around their leaders’ tent. The hunting plan is discussed. Shambuga will go into forest first, as scout. He is to find out where the boar’s lair is.

  • Shambuga finds the boar alright! He is huge. The two speak. Shambuga can understand what he says.

  • The boar asks about the horn he is carrying.

  • Shambuga explains that he can play his instrument rather well.  

  • He then asks the boar if he would like to hear a tune.

  • When the boar answers, “yes,” Shambuga starts to play. The tune he chooses is a children’s lullaby.

  • Pretty soon the boar has retreated into his cave and fallen fast asleep!

  • Shambuga starts to creep in closer and closer, watching carefully for any sign that the boar might wake up now that his music has stopped.

  • When all seems safe Shambuga slides past the boar’s right side, so as to reach the back of the cave.

  • Then he climbs up on Komban’s bent leg and grabs a handful of hair. He pulls so hard that when the hair suddenly comes out Shambuga falls backwards!

  • Shambuga then creeps back out of the cave. The boar is still sleeping! Shambuga hears him snoring.

  • So Shambuga runs back to the hunting camp with a bunch of boar hair in his right hand. He wants to prove to his masters that he has actually located Komban’s secret lair.

  • Meanwhile a curse generated by the heroes’ sister’s pet dog is also flying towards the hunting camp. It alights on top of the heroes’ special tent and causes the two men inside to fall ill. This little dog is angry because she has not been invited to join the hunt!

  • The curse makes Shankar very sick. He has to lie down.

  • Shankar barely drags himself to a seated position when he hears Shambuga has returned with news about Komban’s location.

  • The two sick men manage to come outside of their tent, just long enough to hear the results of Shambuga’s scouting expedition.

  • Shambuga bows before his two masters and shows them the boar hairs he has brought back. This is his proof to them that he now knows where Komban’s lair is.

  • Shankar and his brother are eager to start the hunt, but they are both too sick. So Shankar asks Shambuga to lead the village men and their dogs in his stead.

  • Taking these instructions, Shambuga sets off confidently on his important mission. This time he will lead the full contigent of village fighters, and bear the full weight of responsibility for them.

  • Shambuga leads the Ponnivala hunters to the boar’s den. But this time Komban is very wary and takes great care not to be tricked.

  • Soon, Shambuga’s special expedition ends in disaster. All of the loyal village men are killed by the strong and very wily Komban. Alas, only Shambuga survives.

  • Shambuga returns to the war camp greatly humbled. He must report this bad news. He feels terrible. But there is nothing he can do. All of Ponnivala’s loyal supporters have been lost to the anger of one great black beast!
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