Friday, July 25, 2014

Kunnutaiya Part XI: The Wise Elder

  • Now that Kunnutaiya has two sons, a naming ceremony for them is arranged. The daughter already had her ceremony years ago.

  • The two sons are smart and full of energy. They soon ask their mother what animals the family has outside in the fields.   

  • The boys learn there are horses and they soon learn to ride them bareback!   

  • But Kunnutaiya himself is growing old. His wife Tamarai is worried that their sons are not yet married. She can hardly eat.

  • So Kunnutaiya and his wife call their sons. Both sons agree to marry but vow that they will never physically touch their wives.

  • The wedding takes place but it is strange. It happens far from a village and there are no relatives present.

  • Soon after the marriage the two wives are locked in their own palace. Their husbands never visit.

  • Now Kunnutaiya and Tamarai sense that the end is near. They call their two sons before them.

  • Kunnutaiya talks about how they must respect their neighbours and their clansmen, how they should stay calm and not hold any old grudges.

  • Tamarai speaks about their daughter Tangal. The two boys need to show her respect and listen to her requests.

  • The two brothers touch their parents’ feet and promise to obey their instructions.

  • Then Kunnutaiya and Tamarai quickly pass away. The three children and the palace maids say their last goodbyes.

  • Next the spirits that belong to the couple leave their bodies.

  • Outside Yeman is ready. He will carry both these spirits back to Lord Shiva’s Council Chambers high above.

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