Friday, July 18, 2014

Kunnutaiya Part V: A Challenging Marriage Partnership

  • Kunnutaiya rules as a good king. His workers respect him.  

  • Kunnutaiya gives orders gently. He also plays a key role in helping to resolve local disputes.

  • But Kunnutaiya’s wife, Tamarai, is deeply unhappy. There have been no children born in the family palace.

  • Tamarai also notes that the horses have no colts and the cat has no kittens. There is barrenness everywhere!

  • Tamarai wants to visit her brothers’ children. Kunnutaiya warns her not to go, fearing trouble. But Tamarai is determined, saying she has a right to visit her natal place.

  • In preparation, Tamarai has jewelry made for each of her brothers’ children. They will be a kind of substitute for the child she wishes she had herself.

  • When Tamarai later returns and tries to hide, Kunnutaiya quickly discovers that she has been beaten. He had warned her earlier that her brothers once told her never to go back to her birthplace, where they now live. He suspects their hand in this violence.

  • Kunnutaiya is angry, saying that Tamarai disobeyed him by going to her natal home. He orders her to leave the palace.

  • Tamarai now contemplates suicide. She orders the artisans to build a high pillar surrounded by sharp stakes.

  • When Tamarai climbs this tower Lord Vishnu appears and talks to her gently, persuading her to descend safely.

  • Vishnu also talks gently to Kunnutaiya, who is now feels guilty about ordering Tamarai to leave.

  • Vishnu brings the couple together in front of the Ganesh temple. He tells them they must work together.

  • Acting as an astrologer, Vishnu reads from a palmleaf book, listing the many good acts the couple must perform that will benefit others.

  • Vishnu tells them they are to dig wells along Ponnivala’s many roads to benefit thirsty travelers.

  • They must also to build shelters where workers can rest away from the hot sun.

  • Vishnu concludes by changing the couple’s fundamental perspective about what is important, moving them away from negatives to thinking very positive thoughts.

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