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Shambuga, The First Minister - Pt. III: Theft and Kidnapping Assignments

  • Shambuga is given a new assignment. He is asked to “borrow” a huge stash of iron that belongs to Ponnivala’s forest-dwelling neighbours.

  • As usual, Shambuga puts on his turban for this important job. It is his badge of status.

  • Then he goes to visit the forest Princess, Viratangal. He knows she is in charge of this wild place. It is best to get her buy-in for his plan.

  • Viratangal agrees to let Shambuga “borrow” the iron and follows him to her forest temple. She is expecting him to weigh it first, and then to bring a cart to carry it away.

  • But Shambuga, afraid she might change her mind, just picks up the load of iron and carries it off! He waits for Viratangal to leave the scene before doing this.

  • The Ponnivala artisans use this new iron to build a huge bird net. They want to catch a parrot in the same forest where Viratangal lives! Of course Shambuga did not tell her that part of the plan!

  • The hunting party sets off through the forest with Shambuga in the lead. He is the one to carry the heavy iron net. The parrot they want to catch will become a pet for Tangal, the young sister of the twin Ponnivala rulers.

  • Shambuga’s two masters are there as well. Soon they hear a tiger roar. Shambuga rushes forward to protect everyone, leaving the iron net with the other men.

  • Shambuga bravely confronts the first tiger he sees.

  • Soon Shambuga has successfully killed several of these fierce forest beasts!

  • But now there are tigers everywhere, thousands of them. Shambuga starts to run across their backs!

  • Shambuga even pulls an injured tiger off the back of his fellow hunter, saving his life! He understands wild animals and is not afraid to touch them!

  • Next the Ponnivala hunting party is attacked by wild vipers and cobras. Shambuga seizes one of these snakes and cuts it in two.

  • But the snakes keep coming until there are thousands of them attacking at once. Shambuga and Shankar bravely kill them all.

  • Finally the Ponnivala hunting party reaches the tree where they know the parrot they want has its nest.

  • Shambuga is successful! He catches a parrot. It is put in a lovely cage that the hunting party brought along. Now everyone can admire it!

  • Shambuga returns with the hunting party to Ponnivala. The first thing they do is present the parrot to Lord Ganesh. They thank this god of “new beginnings” for his support during their successful hunting adventure.

  • Then the parrot is presented to Tangal, Ponnar and Shankar’s young sister. She is delighted to have this new companion. It will be a lovely pet!

  • Meanwhile Shambuga puts his masters’ two horses away in their fine stable, as usual. Now these trustworthy friends can have a good rest!

  • But soon another problem arises. Tangal’s maid goes to fetch water outside the palace walls. The loyal little dog Ponnacci is with her.

  • The forest-dwelling hunters, brothers of the forest Princess Viratangal, are angry. They know about the female parrot that was stolen from their tree, right under their noses. So they decide to kidnap Tangal’s lovely maid in return!

  • Shankar comes to hear about the kidnapping and orders Shambuga to try to rescue this palace maid from the hunters’ clutches.  

  • As usual, Shambuga first puts on his turban, his badge of active duty.

  • Then he finds the forest hunters. He lies to them saying that his masters have been mean and disrespectful and that he now wants to work on their side. Furthermore, he has brought back their iron (which has now been made into a valuable net).

  • The hunters believe Shambuga and show him where the maid has been tied up. They ask him to guard her while they go and eat lunch. But Shambuga, of course, takes this opportunity to try to free her.

  • The hunters soon discover that Shambuga has lied and try to attack him. But these men are no match for Shambuga’s fighting skills. Instead, Shambuga takes them both on at once!

  • Shambuga wins the day and runs off with the lovely maid in his arms. He also carries the iron net back with him.

  • But now he has a new idea. He lays down the net to use as a trap. He covers it with branches so the hunters chasing him will not see it. Then attaches a rope that he will use to pull up the net’s edges when the hunters step on his secret!

  • The hunters step on the trap. Shambuga quickly and skillfully pulls on his rope.

  • The iron net’s edges bend up to form a sack, trapping all the hunters that were chasing Shambuga. He then dumps his catch in a nearby forest well. The heroes’ First Minister is a tricky fellow indeed!

  • Having achieved his aim, Shambuga walks calmly back to the Ponnivala palace with the rescued maid in his arms.

  • Shambuga’s two masters are impressed by his achievement. They offer him a large barrel of country liquor and then tell him to go and rest.

  • Shambuga falls asleep near the heroes’ two magical horses. He loves their company!

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