Monday, July 07, 2014

Shambuga, The First Minister - Pt I: Family Background and Childhood

  • Shambuga’s father was a loyal assistant in the heroes’ father’s household. His son will soon carry that tradition into the next generation.

  • Among other things Shambuga’s father was a drummer and village crier whose job was to announce major events to everyone in Ponnivala.

  • People liked to gather around him to hear the latest news and to receive important festival invitations.

  • One day the heroes’ parents started out on a long pilgrimage, hoping to reach Lord Shiva’s Council Chambers. At that moment Shambuga’s mother and father stood before them and requested that they bring back the boon of a son.

  • When Tamarai succeeded in reaching the heavens she remembered the request made to her. She conveyed this wish to Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati.

  • Shiva said he would take the life spirit of the famous warrior, Asvathamma, and place it in a small pot for her to carry back to give the childless couple.

  • Magically, a lovely little pot appeared before Tamarai.

  • Lord Shiva sent a light to the pot that carried with it his spirit-gift.

  • Six years later, after Tamarai’s own sons were born, the family returned to Ponnivala. Soon the two boys set off to find their new assistant and playmate.

  • Tamarai had told them where his parents’ house was. The boys stood in front of it and called out to him.

  • A boy just their age answered the door. He told them his name was Shambuga!

  • The two palace boys asked him to come out and play with them. And so he came forward.

  • Shambuga led Ponnar and Shankar to the family fields to meet the many animals there.

  • Soon Ponnar and Shankar were having fun petting two young calves that belonged to their family.

  • Shambuga had magical powers from the start. He jumped over a high fence and asked the two boys to follow him.

  • Then Shambuga chased the family’s two young colts. The boys were amazed to see that he could run as fast as these horses could!

  • Next Shambuga stepped in front of the horses and made them stop running.

  • Then Shambuga ran over to a clump of rocks and pulled out two vipers.

  • He killed these snakes and skinned them. He needed these for what he would do next. He had a plan.

  • Shambuga tied up the skins using special knots and made horse halters out of them!

  • Then he told the boys to get on the horses and practice riding. It was great fun!

  • Ponnar and Shankar brought the horses to the front door of the palace. Then they thanked Shambuga and asked him to take the two magical beasts to the family stable. There they would be protected. The horses would rest well each night.

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