Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ariyanacci - Part II: A Mother At Last

One day Kolatta finds a baby boy under a pile of rocks in his back field. He brings the infant home in his arms and shows it to Ariyanacci. At first this is a big surprise and she is not sure what to do!

Ariyanacci sits on her porch wondering how she will nurse this little boy.

At that very moment, Lord Vishnu appears. He tells Ariyanacci to set the baby down and then come stand beside him.

Next Vishnu magically creates seven saris that stretch through the air. They hang weightlessly between Ariyanacci and her little son.

Vishnu then fills Ariyanacci’s breasts with milk and lets the first drops fly through the air to the baby’s mouth. She knows now... that she will be able to feed her new child.

The couple are thrilled and very happy to adopt this beautiful little boy. They have wanted a child for so long!

Ariyanacci raises her little son with love and tenderness.

Soon the couple decide to take the child to the temple where they will give it a name.

Lord Vishnu visits once again. He names the little boy as he lies in the lap of the family goddess Celatta. She is a special female (a Sakti) who looks after the beautiful lands of Ponnivala.

As the boy, now named Kunnutaiya, grows Ariyanacci tries to give him lots of fun adventures.

As Kunnutaiya grows he imagines himself as a fine horseback rider running at full gallop across the beautiful lands that lie all around him.

But Ariyanacci knows she and Kolatta are growing old. She begins to worry about the future for her young son.

She dreams of a long life but knows there may not be much time left.

Ariyanacci hugs her young son and tries to enjoy their remaining time together.

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