Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Magical Ponnachi - Pt. II: Standing Guard

The young twins, heirs to the Ponnivala palace, meet little Ponnachi on the very first day they return to the family’s Ponnivala palace after many years of exile

The boys are thrilled and eager to play with their new pup.

The twin heroes and their sister grow up quickly. Now sixteen, the brothers go out daily to seek adventure. Ponnachi and their sister Tangal stay behind.

It is only natural that Ponnachi becomes a very dear pet for the palace princess. Ponnachi and Princess Tangal are very loyal to each other.

Ponnachi is always at Tangal’s side, ready to protect her at any moment of the day or night.

One day the palace maid goes to the river that flows near the palace to fetch some water.

Ponnachi notices that the maid has left the palace and rushes out to keep her company.

But soon Ponnachi senses that something is wrong. She is tense and alert. She starts to growl, and then to bark.

A hunter has jumped out from the bushes and is trying to talk to the maid.  Ponnachi knows she is frightened. The little dog senses trouble.

The hunter quickly bends over and grabs the maid around her waist.

The young girl starts to shout and kick her feet. In a flash, Ponnachi jumps towards the hunter’s leg.

She bites the flesh hard with her poison teeth. Her sharp fangs sink in until they touch the hunter’s leg bone.

But the hunter does not give in. He cries in pain while giving Ponnachi a huge kick. She flies through the air.

As soon as Ponnachi's legs hit the ground she starts running back towards the palace. She must alert her mistress to what has just happened!

Running at top speed, Ponnachi crosses a long palace corridor. Her short legs are moving as fast as they can go.

Ponnachi finds her mistress sitting in her swing and dreaming, as usual. Tangal awakes at the little dog’s bark. She immediately asks what is wrong.

As soon as Tangal hears the news about her maid she is horrified. She tries to think of what she can do to help.

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