Friday, June 27, 2014

Ariyanacci - Part III: Providing for the Future

It is not long before the Hindu god of Death sends his two assistants to Earth to meet Ariyanacci.

When they tell her that her time of death has come she begs them to allow a few more short years with her son.

Soon the whole family stands before these messengers. They will allow only a few hours of extra time.

The messengers follow the couple to the little shrine, to make sure the fate they have announced comes to pass.

The couple pray and hope for mercy. They send a message to the Chola king nearby, asking him to come to their aid quickly.

The king arrives quickly, along with a number of local villagers. They have all heard the sad news.

Then the god of Death, Lord Yeman, drops his rope ladder. Ariyanacci and her husband must climb it, leaving the earth behind.

As they move up the rungs of the ladder their son Kunnutaiya is left behind. He is crying.

Kunnutaiya is very sad now and not sure what to do.

But now the great Chola king arrives. He understands that Kunnutaiya will need help and protection.

He assures young Kunnutaiya that he will make arrangements for him to be cared for by his relatives.

The villagers all over Ponnivala hear this and agree this is the right thing to do. They also love the handsome young boy whose parents have been kind rulers for so many years.

The great Chola king gestures to Kunnutaiya’s relatives and entrusts Kunnutaiya to their care.

Then the king must leave and everyone prepares for the customary funeral feast.

There is a brief ceremoney where Kunnutaiya is formally taken in by his father’s cousins’ families.

Kunnutaiya’s life will no longer be easy. But the hardships that await will help mould his personality. He will become a clever and talented survivor.

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