Monday, June 30, 2014

King Komban – Pt. 1: Komban in his Cave. A great Wild Boar in The Legend of Ponnivala Story

  • The wild boar is an ancient deity, known from Indian rock art carvings that are more than 2000 years old!  

  • Komban spends a lot of time in his cave. But he is always watchful. Like a yogi, he seems to be storing up his powers! And while he “meditates” he does not like to be disturbed!

  • Komban demands to know who Shambuga is. He also asks, “What is that hanging on your shoulder?”

  • Shambuga replies that he is a First Minister from the land of Ponnivala and that he carries a horn and knows how to play it.

  • Shambuga shows Komban his instrument and asks Komban if he would like to hear it. 

  • This is a trick. Shambuga starts to play a lullaby that puts Komban to sleep.

  • Now that Komban is truly asleep and not just meditating, Shambuga decides to creep into his cave.

  • Shambuga walks around behind the great beast. He has a plan.

  • Next Shambuga climbs on Komban’s leg and starts to pull out a handful of his stiff, thick hair.

  • Shambuga has to pull so hard that when the hair does come out, he falls backwards. Thankfully, Komban does not wake up!

  • Now Shambuga sneaks back out of the cave, taking that handful of boar hair with him.

  • Shambuga starts to run through the forest with his trophy. He is headed back to a forest hunting camp where his masters are waiting.

  • But now Komban wakes up! He shouts after Shambuga: “Hey you thief! You have stolen some of my back hairs!”

  • Komban decides to follow Shambuga. He is running as fast as he can. But Shambuga is clever and he gets away... this time!

  • Komban’s name means “The Tusker.” He symbolizes something very wild, mostly unknown, and of course dangerous!

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